1866    Foundation of the preparatory school under ecclesial supervision

1878    Planning of the school building for the preparatory school at Würzburger Straße 35

            by the town of Neustadt a. d. Aisch

1879    Dedication of the school building

1900    Installation of electric lighting in the school

1918    Foundation of the association for the school boarding house

1924    Closure of the preparatory school; school building becomes school boarding house

1945    Ending of school operation; use of the building by American forces

1946    Reopening as school boarding house

1964    Change of possession from the town to the association for the school boarding house

1965    Planning of the reconstruction

1969    Finalisation of the reconstruction measures

1974    Sale to the Protestant Lutheran Church; ending of operation of the boarding house

1977    Finalisation of the reconstruction measures; use as community centre

1996    Change of possession to Lothar Hufnagel

1997    Start of reconstruction measures as ALLEE-HOTEL

1998    Start of hotel operation

2009    Inauguration of the annex “Fürstenhof”


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